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Boetje’s Dutch Mustard Stone Ground & Wood Aged


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This mustard business was founded by the Boetje family in Rock Island, Illinois in 1889.  The founder made his Dutch Mustard from an Old World recipe and delivered it door to door, filling buyers’ containers for one nickel.

The company grew over the years, manufacturing various relishes, sauces, and horseradish, but Dutch Mustard remained the company’s mainstay.  The Boetje family sold their interests in 1960.  The present owners acquired Boetje Foods, Inc. from Leon Wernentin in 1983.

Boetje’s Dutch Mustard is made from all natural ingredients — no artificial preservatives or colorings.  Imported from Canada, our #1 brown mustard seed, blended and marinated with other ingredients, results in a clean, sharp-tasting mustard that has no equal on the market.

Today, Boetje’s Dutch Mustard is manufactured in our immaculate Rock Island plant.  The product is handled in spotlessly clean equipment and containers are filled, capped, and labeled with automatic equipment. Extreme care is taken to ensure that a consistent product standard is maintained.

Three of the stages of Boetjes gourmet mustard


We invite you to join our loyal customers from around the world as part of our Boetje’s family.







5000 gallon wooden vinegar tank from 1928

5000 gallon wooden vinegar tank from 1928